Some stonks are not recommended for options trading due to illegal activity

💎 🙌 🦍 You may have heard of many "main stream" media organizations referring to some stonks as "meme" stonks as of late. Unfortunately it is not a coincidence that there has been concerted effort to dissuade investors from investing in some stonks in the last 6 months. On the other hand, there has been considerable emphasis from certain online communities, particularly on reddit, where some very non-sensical purchasing of options has been promoted.

Despite the purpose of being a place where you can learn and plan purchases of stonk options, I feel obligated to warn against future options purchases in a strongly correlated group of stonks because I believe they are being manipulated outside the rule of law. Since I believe the manipulation to be unlawful, (and quite blatant) I am going to recommend that if you do indeed want to invest in the below stonks, you consider purchasing shares - not options - and that you do so with extreme volatility suspected in the future.
Visit r/Superstonk to find out more about naked short sales, why purchasing shares is a better idea and why a once in a lifetime event is likely to happen for GameStop. Please also review a well respected member of the community's profile for a series of very well written documents on the stonk market in the last 6 monthsu/atobitt
Additional information can be found through live interview recordingsYouTube
GMEGameStop Corp.
AMCAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
KOSSKoss Corporation
BBBYBed Bath & Beyond Inc.
BBBlackBerry Limited
Why am I giving this warning? I believe that the following stonks are victims of naked short selling - a disgusting illegal act attempting to take advantage of a world health crisis and profit off of the closing of hundreds of businesses. The stonk market is meant to promote free-trade but using the analytical tools I am providing on this site I have seen blatantly illegal manipulation of this anything but free market. I believe the actors responsible for this manipulation should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, however, until they are brought before justice retail investors are incredibly vulnerable to heavily manipulated stonks.
Why does this affect options and not stonks? It is not unique to options however, in the last 6 months I have seen hundreds of thousands of worthless put options created and destroyed to create movement up-and-down in order to cause thousands of retail options to expire worthless. If you purchase options on the following stonks, it is likely that you are directly funding criminal trading activity. If you purchase shares, you may still lose money, but you will not be losing premiums for a valueless trading tool. Moreover, if the naked short sales are brought to justice, your shares will likely increase in value by a large factor - a short squeeze. If you purchase options on these stonks and it is advantageous to have them expire out of the money, you will have no way to recover value in your investment.
– @weeknddev